Monday, November 25, 2013

Triathlon Moment In Time!

Triathlon Writing

“Non Competitive Year 6 girls over here please!” shouted Mr Ford. I jumped up nervously and walked over to grab my bike. Tik tik tik. My bike made a sound as I walked it over to all the other bikes with fast looking girls on them. “ Go Lily, Go Hemani, Go Maddy.” I looked at the cheerful crowd cheering on and on. I hopped on my bike and trembled like a broken boulder falling from a high mountain. “ On your marks,” Called Mr M and then continued 
“ Get set, GO!” Off I went. Pedaling as hard as I could. I looked back to see if anyone was behind. There was some people, lucky I wasn't last. Happily I biked around the new field when suddenly in the distance I saw Georgia slip. “Oh no,” I cried. Just at that very moment I ran over Georgia’s leg. “ Sorry,” I said stopping and then looking if she was alright. She was OK. So I started pedaling faster this time towards the finish line. “ That’s the sprit Georgia!” I say to myself. I stopped next to the swimming pool. Kyrah ran towards me and took my helmet and bike. “ Get off!” I mumble. I was saying that to my shoes and socks because they weren't slipping of as fast as usual. I threw my t-shirt on the floor and sprinted to the swimming pool. Once I came to the edge I dived in like a dolphin and directly headed towards the other end. Once I had done three widths I hopped out of the pool, soaking wet.

My head started to ache a little but I was still going on. I looked down and saw wet footprints following me from behind. Suddenly, like it was out of no where, out pounced Georgia. Like she was trying to have revenge on me. “ Go Georgia, you can do it!” I yelled, trying to encourage her. I started breathing a bit more than usual. I was puffing real badly like I had done a 800 meter run. Something I can tell you is that I am bad at running. But I did it for my house color, for KEA. The finish line was just ahead of me. I sprinted as everyone shouted GO Hemani! I made it. I saw a couple of girls waiting for the others to arrive at the finish. I found a spot and sat down. Trying to catch my breath. All of a sudden I remembered I had a team competition to do. I sighed and walked up to my team which was Paige Bloor and Harsimar. “I don’t think I can do it,” I puffed, feeling sad for them. “ Oh” they whispered. Suddenly the energy and strength started coming back to me. My body power was returning. I changed my mind and shouted “ OK I will do it,” They looked at me surprisingly. I walked over to the other team runners. “ Oh no the bikers are off,” I say to myself. I was really nervous. The bikers stopped by the swimming pool and tagged the swimmers. Off they ran, jumping into the swimming pool doing three widths. Paige, dripping wet, came up to me and I ran as fast as I could.

I was about 5th so far. Suddenly as I come across the playground I see Emma and Zach, in their togs, cheering for me. I had a huge grin on my face and kept going. My legs started aching but I wouldn't stop. I ran like a cheetah around the new field. All of a sudden, in the middle of the huge circle off cones, Renee came up to me and started encouraging me by saying. “ Don’t let your brother beat you” I was really proud of myself as I crossed the finish. But I was also really tired and my throat was dry. I ran over to get a drink of water and that cured it. Everyone did so well in the triathlon. My brother had bet me by the way, but who cares. At least I had a go.

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  1. Awesome work Hemani.
    I like how you wrote they looked at me surprisingly.
    Well done.
    Keep up the amazing work.


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