Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Robot Story Part 4

The Robot Story Part 4

Chapter 4: Another Problem

Hi everyone, It’s me, Rusty. Me and Golden shadow are playing hide and go seek today. We have to stay in the area where I sleep. Now, let’s get on with the story. I quickly hide as shadow said the last number. I grabbed each branch as I climbed one of the biggest tree’s in the world. I sat on the 4th to last branch. My eyes looked straight down to see how high I was. I gulped in horror. I couldn't see anything from up here. All the foggy mist  was blocking my eyesight. I decided to climb down a bit. All of a sudden, I didn't see that Golden Shadow was coming up. “ Bang “ we both fell to the ground and were knocked out.....I opened my eyes and found myself vined against a nectarine tree, well actually in one. Golden Shadow wasn't with me. “ Where am I” I groaned. I tried to get up but was keep slipping. I coughed, my Rusty old cough and saw someone in the distance. Who is that?

A blurry shadow appeared out of the foggy mist. It was Gir. She walked like as if she had a broken leg towards me. “ How happy I am to meet you once again, Rusty”! She shouted. “ Well I am not happy to meet you” I replied.  “ Now let me go!” I shouted. Suddenly my shouting caused an avalanche on the closest snowy mountain on my island. The avalanche wiped Gir away and left me alone. I started to cry. Suddenly the sun started to set over the horizon. It’s beautiful shine glimmered onto my body. I fell asleep dreaming I was back in my own home surrounded by beautiful plants and trees. Tomorrow appeared as I sat up, still vined in the nectarine tree. I started to struggle my way out of the vines but it was too tight. I shook my robot body parts to see if anything had badly rusted. “ Nope” I mumbled. Suddenly in the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a sharp bit of bark which somehow had broken of the nectarine tree.

“ My hand was trying to reach for it but it was too far away. I tried again and managed to get it. Suddenly I lost my grip and the piece of bark fell on a bit of ice from the avalanche and slid away to the huge pile of snow. “ OH”! I groaned. “ How am I ever going to get out of here. I spotted a short hole in the nectarine tree. “ that hole must of been the missing bit of the tree” I said. I looked through it and saw the first star in the sky twinkle. All of a sudden the whole sky was filled with amazing twinkling stars. The sky's color changed to a purpley blue  which really made the world beautiful. I started to sing a song to cheer myself up.

#“ Oh how I want to go home.... whoa whoa whoa.... Oh how I want to Rome. The world with happiness. Oh how I want to go home.... whoa whoa whoa...  Oh how I want to Rome the seas. I want my life to be free. No problems, no excuses no matters to me. No hunger no thirst my life will be free. No problems, no excuses not matters to me. No hunger nor thirst my life will be absolutely free.# My echo of my voice started to make the world sing, my world sing. Everyone was so happy that night, By everyone I mean birds, animals, reptiles. Every single animal in my world surrounded the tree to keep me company. My eyes slowly shut as the birds whistled a tune for me to sleep. I hugged a lion and a bunny in between my arms to keep them and myself warm. Silent spread over the world while the animals and me slept.

My eyes squeaked open at dawn. All the animals were gone. Leaving me and the pile of snow alone in the nectarine tree.  I found that the vine was kind of getting rotten. “Uhhh” I mumbled. Trying to get myself through. I felt really hungry. Suddenly a tiny mouse appeared through the small hole in the tree. It seemed to be staring at me. “ can..” I mumbled. But I lost my strength of saying anything. The mouse then crawled towards me and started biting the vines. I opened my eyes and saw that he was helping. He chewed every single knot that Gir had tied and managed to get me free. My legs were sore from sitting down all day. The mouse ran back out through the hole.  I looked through the small hole and saw Golden Shadow on the tree next to the one I was in. I called “ Golden Shadow Golden Shadow” he looked at me. We both reached out our hands and held them. Suddenly a light burst from the ground to the sky. The small shimmering stars. Me and Golden Shadow looked at each other and climbed our way out of the tree.

The stars took over the sky that night as Golden Shadow and me slept. The next day I walked over to the tree where I was trapped and the bursting light wasn't there anymore. All I found was the broken bit of the bark. I decided to place the bark back in the hole. Like completing a puzzle. I turned around and walked the same way back home when suddenly the completed bit of the tree started to glow. I spun my head around and it shot out at me. It looked as if it wanted me to keep that bit. I picked it up and held it tight in my hand. All of a sudden I thought about eating. I ran back home not noticing that the tree had a huge smile on it’s face.

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