Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Robot Story Part 3

The Robot Story Part 3

Chapter 3: Where is Golden Shadow?

Hello again. Remember me, Rusty? Golden shadow is living with me now. He can leave or stay whenever he likes. Today me and Golden Shadow are going for a walk in the bestest forest of my island. We are going to talk about what we see in the forest. Well let's get on with the story. Me and shadow woke as the sun bursts through the waterfall like a man opening a door even though I didn’t answer it. We both stood up and stretched our backs. Just to cool ourselves down me and shadow washed our faces. We grabbed berries from the bushes, held them in our hands and set off. “ Look “ I pointed to the tall trees. Golden Shadow was so surprised on how huge the trees had grown from year to year. Suddenly a huge gust of wind blew and blew. Making the whole forest shake. “Maybe it wasn’t a good day for having a walk, right Golden Shadow” I said. He just nodded. We quickly ran and ran heading towards the waterfall.

Suddenly as we were almost there a even bigger gust of wind blew Golden Shadow away. He started crying and now he is lost in the forest, well somewhere in the forest. Leaving me to find him. The next morning I woke up and started my journey finding him. Suddenly I thought it was not a journey at all. I saw something golden in the distance sitting under a tree. I rushed towards it. But oh no. It was not Golden Shadow at all. It was just a fresh pineapple. It was a journey after all. I took the pineapple with me just incase I was hungry. I came near a bush filled with amazing ripe strawberries. I decided to have some. “Mmmm” I said greedily as I chewed on the sweet strawberries. But I could not stop here, stop now. So I carried on. “ Golden Shadow “ I called. “ where are you?”

“Uhhh” I heard something grunting and moaning near a raspberry bush. But it was not Golden Shadow at all. It was Gir. She had raspberry juice all over her mouth and was kind of feeling sick. My enemy. “ What do you want “ I yelled. “ Are you looking for Shadow?” She asked me. “ Yes “ I shouted. “ where is he?” “ He went that way”. She pointed right. I headed that way as fast as I could and didn’t find him anywhere. “ she lied to me” I said to myself. Then I ran toward the Raspberry bush where she was sitting. And there was no sign of her anywhere. But there was something I saw. It was Gir’s footprints. I followed her footprints really carefully but they did not at all lead to her. The footprints led to a pineapple next to another tree. “ Hang on “ I say to myself. “ Gir must of left it there to trick me.” I carried on my journey trying to find Golden Shadow. Suddenly rain started to sprinkle down from the grey puffy clouds up above.

I quickly rushed back to my cave. I started crying. “ I have two problems” I sniff. “ Two problems I can’t figure how to solve.” One was that I wanted Gir to get of my island and the other one was that I couldn’t find golden shadow. When I woke up the next morning I saw a drop fall from the ripest raspberry I have ever seen. I picked it and had a taste. It was so sweet. “ I must pick some of these for shadow” I say. “ When I find him”. I walked up to the glimmering lake. I tried finding him on shore, but there was no sign of him anywhere. I ate another ripe raspberry. “Mmmm” I mumble greedily. I splash into some cold icy water to cool myself from the sun. It was just like having a cold icy lemonade. Behind me I saw some leaves russell. I was frightened of who or what made that sound. I jumped out of the water and quickly ran towards the waterfall. I didn’t realise that it was Gir trying to trick me.

I hid behind the waterfall. A black cold tear escaped from my eye. “ When am I going to find Golden Shadow” I cried. All of a sudden I heard another crying voice behind me too. It was Golden Shadow crying about  how was he ever going to find me. I placed a rusty hand on his shoulder. He spun his head 90 degrees around and looked at me. His tears started to stop and he had a huge grin on his bright face. “Golden Shadow” I cried joyfully. We both hugged each other and stood up, checked if we had everything ,like food, and started our walk. We saw amazing creatures with our wonderful eyes and ate juicy ripe berries along with the pineapple I found earlier. But there was still one question too discover. Where is Gir gone?


  1. Amazing story Hemani, Your writing is very well detailed, I like how you said how far golden Shadow turned his head when he looked at you and the beginning really hooked my attention, keep up the great work.

  2. Well done Hemani.
    Your story is interesting.
    Did you have fun making it?
    I can see that you are an amazing writer.
    Is this the last part of your story?
    Well done.
    Keep it up Hemani!


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