Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Mathletics Reflection

Reflection for Mathletics

Something I was pleased with was having to finish my poster on time and how I was happy with it. Because it did take me about 3 days trying to figure out what design I should do and the day before they were dued I started my poster. The second day I just had to do the lettering and the black outlining.

I really enjoyed learning how you find the centre point. Because Mr M was really explaining how to find the centre of the page by measuring accurately.

Something I found hard was covering the pencil lines in black out liner. Because I was trying not to get little black dots on the lines and that happens if your keep you black marker in a spot for too long.
Something that made me think was making the measurement really accurate because it is pretty hard measuring the lines with the ruler but mathletics was really fun.
Something I want to get better at is helping others do their poster too. Because I was helping Emma do her poster but not really concentrating on hers but mine.

How can I do that? By Promising them on when to help them and what day to help them or else it just causes trouble if I don’t.

This is my Mathletics!

Mathletics Animation by hemani1jf4 on GoAnimate


  1. Amazing work Hemani.
    Your art looks really symmetrical.
    Great Idea for a Go-Animate.
    Well done :)

  2. Wow Hemani Your mathletics is looking fantastic I like how you did the diamonds on your poster that's a cool idea. Your go animate is super cool. Keep up the good work Hemani.

  3. Wow Hemani!!!
    I really like your poster of mathletics
    keep it up

  4. Amazing work Hemani.
    I really like your goanimate.
    Your reflection is so cool.
    Well done:-)

  5. Great mathletics reflection Hemani.
    I like the go animate.
    And great poster.
    Well done.


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