Thursday, November 07, 2013

Clown Leopard!

Clown Leopard!


He he he, the Clown Leopard is a terrifying creature with amazing facts which will make you read on and will make you scream! One thing the Clown Leopard is good at is that he cries blood tears and his eyes go black when he does that. Do you know where to find the Clown Leopard? Read on to find out more.


The Clown Leopard is a clowns body with a leopards face. The Clown Leopard lives in areas like the circus and comes out at night from his home which is a cemetery. Whenever the Clown leopard performs at a circus the children and parents just laugh saying that it is just a clown wearing a mask, but when the Clown Leopard gets angry it roars and the lights turn off and on again, the crowd is gone and all there is left is splattered blood everywhere.


The Clown Leopard is 5 Meters tall and is able to swim in water and run the speed of 200km per each 10 minutes. It feeds on humans, actually anything which is a mammal
( Warm blooded ) The Clown leopard lived when the Mammoths use to live. The Clown Leopard kept eating and eating all the mammoths it could find. That is how the mammoths were extinct. Once it eats the mammals it juggles their brains and swallows them whole.

Location/ Where it lives:
The Clown leopard lives in a country called Deadly in a world of horror with many many people living here and there but the people don’t dare come to that country so he comes to them. It also lives in a cemetery with billions of dead people. It also performs at a circus in the middle of a park called ghost. Some people do like scary things so he makes them come in and never walk back out. The managers which sell the tickets have no heads. You might wonder why he always performs at that park. Well the answer is, to kill you!!!


Beware of this rare creature which would some day kill you. Never go to a park named Ghost, or never enter his part of the world or else you will never return...
Thank you for reading my report on the CLOWN LEOPARD!
I will get you someday!!!

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