Monday, November 25, 2013

Triathlon Moment In Time!

Triathlon Writing

“Non Competitive Year 6 girls over here please!” shouted Mr Ford. I jumped up nervously and walked over to grab my bike. Tik tik tik. My bike made a sound as I walked it over to all the other bikes with fast looking girls on them. “ Go Lily, Go Hemani, Go Maddy.” I looked at the cheerful crowd cheering on and on. I hopped on my bike and trembled like a broken boulder falling from a high mountain. “ On your marks,” Called Mr M and then continued 
“ Get set, GO!” Off I went. Pedaling as hard as I could. I looked back to see if anyone was behind. There was some people, lucky I wasn't last. Happily I biked around the new field when suddenly in the distance I saw Georgia slip. “Oh no,” I cried. Just at that very moment I ran over Georgia’s leg. “ Sorry,” I said stopping and then looking if she was alright. She was OK. So I started pedaling faster this time towards the finish line. “ That’s the sprit Georgia!” I say to myself. I stopped next to the swimming pool. Kyrah ran towards me and took my helmet and bike. “ Get off!” I mumble. I was saying that to my shoes and socks because they weren't slipping of as fast as usual. I threw my t-shirt on the floor and sprinted to the swimming pool. Once I came to the edge I dived in like a dolphin and directly headed towards the other end. Once I had done three widths I hopped out of the pool, soaking wet.

My head started to ache a little but I was still going on. I looked down and saw wet footprints following me from behind. Suddenly, like it was out of no where, out pounced Georgia. Like she was trying to have revenge on me. “ Go Georgia, you can do it!” I yelled, trying to encourage her. I started breathing a bit more than usual. I was puffing real badly like I had done a 800 meter run. Something I can tell you is that I am bad at running. But I did it for my house color, for KEA. The finish line was just ahead of me. I sprinted as everyone shouted GO Hemani! I made it. I saw a couple of girls waiting for the others to arrive at the finish. I found a spot and sat down. Trying to catch my breath. All of a sudden I remembered I had a team competition to do. I sighed and walked up to my team which was Paige Bloor and Harsimar. “I don’t think I can do it,” I puffed, feeling sad for them. “ Oh” they whispered. Suddenly the energy and strength started coming back to me. My body power was returning. I changed my mind and shouted “ OK I will do it,” They looked at me surprisingly. I walked over to the other team runners. “ Oh no the bikers are off,” I say to myself. I was really nervous. The bikers stopped by the swimming pool and tagged the swimmers. Off they ran, jumping into the swimming pool doing three widths. Paige, dripping wet, came up to me and I ran as fast as I could.

I was about 5th so far. Suddenly as I come across the playground I see Emma and Zach, in their togs, cheering for me. I had a huge grin on my face and kept going. My legs started aching but I wouldn't stop. I ran like a cheetah around the new field. All of a sudden, in the middle of the huge circle off cones, Renee came up to me and started encouraging me by saying. “ Don’t let your brother beat you” I was really proud of myself as I crossed the finish. But I was also really tired and my throat was dry. I ran over to get a drink of water and that cured it. Everyone did so well in the triathlon. My brother had bet me by the way, but who cares. At least I had a go.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Robot Story Part 4

The Robot Story Part 4

Chapter 4: Another Problem

Hi everyone, It’s me, Rusty. Me and Golden shadow are playing hide and go seek today. We have to stay in the area where I sleep. Now, let’s get on with the story. I quickly hide as shadow said the last number. I grabbed each branch as I climbed one of the biggest tree’s in the world. I sat on the 4th to last branch. My eyes looked straight down to see how high I was. I gulped in horror. I couldn't see anything from up here. All the foggy mist  was blocking my eyesight. I decided to climb down a bit. All of a sudden, I didn't see that Golden Shadow was coming up. “ Bang “ we both fell to the ground and were knocked out.....I opened my eyes and found myself vined against a nectarine tree, well actually in one. Golden Shadow wasn't with me. “ Where am I” I groaned. I tried to get up but was keep slipping. I coughed, my Rusty old cough and saw someone in the distance. Who is that?

A blurry shadow appeared out of the foggy mist. It was Gir. She walked like as if she had a broken leg towards me. “ How happy I am to meet you once again, Rusty”! She shouted. “ Well I am not happy to meet you” I replied.  “ Now let me go!” I shouted. Suddenly my shouting caused an avalanche on the closest snowy mountain on my island. The avalanche wiped Gir away and left me alone. I started to cry. Suddenly the sun started to set over the horizon. It’s beautiful shine glimmered onto my body. I fell asleep dreaming I was back in my own home surrounded by beautiful plants and trees. Tomorrow appeared as I sat up, still vined in the nectarine tree. I started to struggle my way out of the vines but it was too tight. I shook my robot body parts to see if anything had badly rusted. “ Nope” I mumbled. Suddenly in the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a sharp bit of bark which somehow had broken of the nectarine tree.

“ My hand was trying to reach for it but it was too far away. I tried again and managed to get it. Suddenly I lost my grip and the piece of bark fell on a bit of ice from the avalanche and slid away to the huge pile of snow. “ OH”! I groaned. “ How am I ever going to get out of here. I spotted a short hole in the nectarine tree. “ that hole must of been the missing bit of the tree” I said. I looked through it and saw the first star in the sky twinkle. All of a sudden the whole sky was filled with amazing twinkling stars. The sky's color changed to a purpley blue  which really made the world beautiful. I started to sing a song to cheer myself up.

#“ Oh how I want to go home.... whoa whoa whoa.... Oh how I want to Rome. The world with happiness. Oh how I want to go home.... whoa whoa whoa...  Oh how I want to Rome the seas. I want my life to be free. No problems, no excuses no matters to me. No hunger no thirst my life will be free. No problems, no excuses not matters to me. No hunger nor thirst my life will be absolutely free.# My echo of my voice started to make the world sing, my world sing. Everyone was so happy that night, By everyone I mean birds, animals, reptiles. Every single animal in my world surrounded the tree to keep me company. My eyes slowly shut as the birds whistled a tune for me to sleep. I hugged a lion and a bunny in between my arms to keep them and myself warm. Silent spread over the world while the animals and me slept.

My eyes squeaked open at dawn. All the animals were gone. Leaving me and the pile of snow alone in the nectarine tree.  I found that the vine was kind of getting rotten. “Uhhh” I mumbled. Trying to get myself through. I felt really hungry. Suddenly a tiny mouse appeared through the small hole in the tree. It seemed to be staring at me. “ can..” I mumbled. But I lost my strength of saying anything. The mouse then crawled towards me and started biting the vines. I opened my eyes and saw that he was helping. He chewed every single knot that Gir had tied and managed to get me free. My legs were sore from sitting down all day. The mouse ran back out through the hole.  I looked through the small hole and saw Golden Shadow on the tree next to the one I was in. I called “ Golden Shadow Golden Shadow” he looked at me. We both reached out our hands and held them. Suddenly a light burst from the ground to the sky. The small shimmering stars. Me and Golden Shadow looked at each other and climbed our way out of the tree.

The stars took over the sky that night as Golden Shadow and me slept. The next day I walked over to the tree where I was trapped and the bursting light wasn't there anymore. All I found was the broken bit of the bark. I decided to place the bark back in the hole. Like completing a puzzle. I turned around and walked the same way back home when suddenly the completed bit of the tree started to glow. I spun my head around and it shot out at me. It looked as if it wanted me to keep that bit. I picked it up and held it tight in my hand. All of a sudden I thought about eating. I ran back home not noticing that the tree had a huge smile on it’s face.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Athletics Story


“Yeah” everyone was so excited that the bus was here. “ Do you want to sit on the bus together?” I asked Emma. “ Sure” she replied. We both walked into the bus and took our seat. “ We did this last year didn't we” Emma whispered. “ Yeah” We both chatted about each event. All of a sudden the bus stopped. “ Are we here” I asked Emma. “ I think so” she whispered. “ We have arrived at the Hastings Sports Park” Mrs Roil shouted so that everyone can hear her. “ Check if you have any lost property behind.” “ Everyone started to look but didn't find anything. Thump Thump! went the bus floor as everyone rushed out.I caught sight of a quarter of Nga Rakau ( Senior Classes ) eating and waiting for everyone to arrive. Also there was Nga Kaho too ( which is the year 4 classes ). Room 17 and 16 lined up in two wonky kind of lines which didn't even seemed to be a line and walked over to the others. I sat down on a patch of fresh green grass. In the corner of my eye I spotted the last bus which arrived about two minutes after us. It was room 19 and 18. “ Choo” blew the loud whistle which kind of made me frightened  and almost made me drop my Lunch.

“ 5 minutes” called Miss Garland. That meant that we only had five minutes to eat our morning tea and lunch. I quickly shoved the sandwich into my mouth and put my lunchbox away. “ OK” called Mrs Garland. “ Grab a sticker from Henry or Josh and put it on your arm. I asked Henry if I could have a sticker and he handed me one. I put the sticker on my arm and waited. “ Year four boys get in a line over here, year four girls get in a line here..... She called out so that everyone was sorted in their lines. She told everyone where we were heading. The year six girls which is my group was heading towards Mrs Hill for the 100 meter run. “ I am pretty sure I am going to come last” I said to myself nervously. I was the last one in line on the fifth track. Pressure started to take over my body. Suddenly all the people in front of me had already had their turn. Now it was my turn. I was going to run with pretty fast people. “ On your marks get set go!” called Mrs Hill. I shot of. Lucky I wasn't last. I was second to last. That is pretty good. I scored a one. At least I participated.

“ Next you girls go to the softball throw with Mrs Paki” called Mrs Hill. The girls rushed to the net and sat down quietly waiting for Mrs Paki to give the instructions.
“ OK” said Mrs Paki. “ You each have to grab a softball from the bucket and throw it as far as you can from the front of the net to the yellow cone. This round is just a practice. The next round will be the competition OK, and make sure you hand the ball to someone else once you've had a go because there is not enough balls for everyone”. All the girls rushed for a ball but there was none left when I went to get one. “ I’ll just have to get one from someone else” I say to myself. Paris shot a magnificent shot past the cone. Next up was Renee. Her arm swung up and let go of the ball. The ball went right past the cone. It was the biggest shot so far. Renee past me her ball and I took a shot. My arm made a sound as I swung it and let go of the ball. The ball landed just next to the cone.

I was proud of myself. I walked to the end of the line and grabbed a ball for the next shot. All the girls had already had a go so now it was time for the competition. I held the bright yellow ball tightly in my hands and was nervous that my shot will not make it past the yellow cone. I stood patiently in front of the line. I took my shot and it went about a meter past the yellow cone. “ Shot Hemani” called Renee as she walked back into line after Mrs Paki had marked her. I happily walked over to Mrs Paki to see what score I got. The score I received was a one. At least Renee cheered for me. Renee was the top girl to throw the softball at a far distance.

“OK” called Mrs Paki.” Next you go to the high Jump” All the year six girls stood quietly and walked over to Mr Ford and Mrs Joll. “ I was really nervous of if I was going to knock the pole down or if I was not going to make it. Mr Ford told as simple instruction of what foot you use to lift with.  My foot was my right so I had to be in a line with all the people that were going to use their right foot. I was about 13th person in line. Suddenly it was my turn. I ran up slowly like Mrs Joll said and lifted my right foot up and managed not to drop the pole. I was proud of myself but didn't want to do it again so I stepped out for the rest of it. When the high jump was over everyone had to go and sit down on the grass and have their food. The next event we had to go to was the 200 meter run. I stood in my lane and waited for Mr Cottrell to say on your marks get set go. “ In your marks get set go” shouted Mr Cottrell I started of slowly but then speed up. I came last. I had already got a 1 on my sticker for participating.

“ You guys were so fast” called Mr Gifkins. “ Now you can sprint over to Miss Garland for Long jump.” I didn't sprint because I didn't want to lose my energy so I just walked. Miss Garland explained the instructions and all the girls lined up in one long straight line. This was only a practice. I couldn't see who was first because I was too far back in line. I heard people cheering for whoever it was. Suddenly as all the girls in front of me had been, “ Next “ Called Mrs Garland. I shot of. As I came to the end of the track I took one big leap and managed to reach the middle of the sand. It was pretty good. As I ran back in line the sand in my foot was jumping up and down like a dance rehearsal. After a while when all the girls had been we were called to come and sit on the track again to listen what will happen next. “ Next” Called Mrs Garland “ is a competition of who jumps the longest distance. i was pretty nervous but when it was my go, I just gave it a shot. Just like before I shot up like a speed cheetah and took a huge leap like a frog. Mrs Garland scored me a two. That was the highest score I had so far on my score sticker. Proudly I walked and sat in the shade waiting for all the girls to have their turn.

“ OK, next you girls go to the 50 meter hurdles with Mrs Roil” said Mrs Garland.  I stood up and walked over to Mrs Roil. She waited for everyone to be quiet till she could talk. “ OK” she shouted. “ you girls have to get in a big bundle of here please.” I walked over to where she said to sit and sat down. Carefully I listened to what she said. She told us to go behind the leader she chose and sit down. My leader was Brooklyn. When my group was ready to go. Mrs Roil blew the whistle and off we went. I came last after I nearly tripped over a hurdle. “ You score a one” said Mrs McCann politely. I scattered over to my line and sat down once again. All the activities were over, wait , not all of them. There was a choice if we wanted to do a 800 meter run. “ All of you who want to do it come and stand over here” Shouted Mrs Garland. Some of Nga Rakau including the year four’s stood up and rushed over to Mrs Garland. I decided not to do this activity so I sat down and watched. The year four’s were racing first.

Anelia was in the lead. She was sprinting in front of all the other year fours. “ She is one fast girl” I say to myself. Next was the year fives and then the year sixes. Everyone did really well in the 800 meter run.  I sat down to have some more food before we leave on the bus. “ Check if there is any lost property behind please” Called Mrs Roil. It was only room 16, 17, 19 and 18 left. So everyone searched all over the place to find any lost property. There was a couple of sweatshirts and hats left behind. Some people managed to get theirs back but some belonged to the classes that had left. The bus arrived and room 16 and 17 hopped on. The next bus arrived and room 19 and 18 hopped on the one. The buses followed each other as if they were playing follow the leader all the way back to school. I was kind of exhausted after all the running. But at least everyone had a go and also had fun.

Reflection for Athletics
Something I was pleased with was that I participated in all the events and trying not to give up because I wanted to earn a lot of house points for my House and I wanted to be a little active.
I really enjoyed learning how the track is measured in meters because I wouldn't know where to run or where to start. Also half of the track equals 200 meters and the the whole track equals  400 meters.

Something I found hard was doing the high jump because it was really hard trying to follow the steps that Mrs Joll and Mr Ford told us. Also I couldn't really jump high.

Something that made me think was how everyone was encouraging me for the Soft ball throws. Because it made me think that I should encourage them too. Like Renee was always saying Shot Hemani.
Something I want to get better at is trying my hardest at everything.

How I can do that is listening to what the teacher says and if people encourage me.

I added my scores up and got 7.
I did do pretty well.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Science: Boat or Submarine?

Title:  Boat or Submarine:  
Scientists: Imaan and Hemani
Question: How many coins would the pan shaped clay hold?
What shape of container will hold the most weight?
A pan shape

Me and Imaan have chosen a shape which is a pan. We think that will work because we will make the pan a bit wide so the coins can fit and so the water can take time to come into it.

Container filled with water, modelling clay, old coins

Create a boat out of modelling clay.
I Fill the container with water.
Place the boat carefully onto the water so it floats.
One at a time , put coins carefully into the boat . Count how many coins are in the boat before it sinks.
Observation/ Analyse:
Me and Imaan made a pan kind of shape and it did float but didn’t hold much coins. Because me and Imaan made the shape kind of small.


That it can stay on water but the weight pushes it down. Just like having about 7 people on one little yacht. Also Mr Ford showed us a paper shaped as a circle which could hold 7 coins because the paper wasn’t breaking the water surface.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Robot Story Part 3

The Robot Story Part 3

Chapter 3: Where is Golden Shadow?

Hello again. Remember me, Rusty? Golden shadow is living with me now. He can leave or stay whenever he likes. Today me and Golden Shadow are going for a walk in the bestest forest of my island. We are going to talk about what we see in the forest. Well let's get on with the story. Me and shadow woke as the sun bursts through the waterfall like a man opening a door even though I didn’t answer it. We both stood up and stretched our backs. Just to cool ourselves down me and shadow washed our faces. We grabbed berries from the bushes, held them in our hands and set off. “ Look “ I pointed to the tall trees. Golden Shadow was so surprised on how huge the trees had grown from year to year. Suddenly a huge gust of wind blew and blew. Making the whole forest shake. “Maybe it wasn’t a good day for having a walk, right Golden Shadow” I said. He just nodded. We quickly ran and ran heading towards the waterfall.

Suddenly as we were almost there a even bigger gust of wind blew Golden Shadow away. He started crying and now he is lost in the forest, well somewhere in the forest. Leaving me to find him. The next morning I woke up and started my journey finding him. Suddenly I thought it was not a journey at all. I saw something golden in the distance sitting under a tree. I rushed towards it. But oh no. It was not Golden Shadow at all. It was just a fresh pineapple. It was a journey after all. I took the pineapple with me just incase I was hungry. I came near a bush filled with amazing ripe strawberries. I decided to have some. “Mmmm” I said greedily as I chewed on the sweet strawberries. But I could not stop here, stop now. So I carried on. “ Golden Shadow “ I called. “ where are you?”

“Uhhh” I heard something grunting and moaning near a raspberry bush. But it was not Golden Shadow at all. It was Gir. She had raspberry juice all over her mouth and was kind of feeling sick. My enemy. “ What do you want “ I yelled. “ Are you looking for Shadow?” She asked me. “ Yes “ I shouted. “ where is he?” “ He went that way”. She pointed right. I headed that way as fast as I could and didn’t find him anywhere. “ she lied to me” I said to myself. Then I ran toward the Raspberry bush where she was sitting. And there was no sign of her anywhere. But there was something I saw. It was Gir’s footprints. I followed her footprints really carefully but they did not at all lead to her. The footprints led to a pineapple next to another tree. “ Hang on “ I say to myself. “ Gir must of left it there to trick me.” I carried on my journey trying to find Golden Shadow. Suddenly rain started to sprinkle down from the grey puffy clouds up above.

I quickly rushed back to my cave. I started crying. “ I have two problems” I sniff. “ Two problems I can’t figure how to solve.” One was that I wanted Gir to get of my island and the other one was that I couldn’t find golden shadow. When I woke up the next morning I saw a drop fall from the ripest raspberry I have ever seen. I picked it and had a taste. It was so sweet. “ I must pick some of these for shadow” I say. “ When I find him”. I walked up to the glimmering lake. I tried finding him on shore, but there was no sign of him anywhere. I ate another ripe raspberry. “Mmmm” I mumble greedily. I splash into some cold icy water to cool myself from the sun. It was just like having a cold icy lemonade. Behind me I saw some leaves russell. I was frightened of who or what made that sound. I jumped out of the water and quickly ran towards the waterfall. I didn’t realise that it was Gir trying to trick me.

I hid behind the waterfall. A black cold tear escaped from my eye. “ When am I going to find Golden Shadow” I cried. All of a sudden I heard another crying voice behind me too. It was Golden Shadow crying about  how was he ever going to find me. I placed a rusty hand on his shoulder. He spun his head 90 degrees around and looked at me. His tears started to stop and he had a huge grin on his bright face. “Golden Shadow” I cried joyfully. We both hugged each other and stood up, checked if we had everything ,like food, and started our walk. We saw amazing creatures with our wonderful eyes and ate juicy ripe berries along with the pineapple I found earlier. But there was still one question too discover. Where is Gir gone?

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Clown Leopard!

Clown Leopard!


He he he, the Clown Leopard is a terrifying creature with amazing facts which will make you read on and will make you scream! One thing the Clown Leopard is good at is that he cries blood tears and his eyes go black when he does that. Do you know where to find the Clown Leopard? Read on to find out more.


The Clown Leopard is a clowns body with a leopards face. The Clown Leopard lives in areas like the circus and comes out at night from his home which is a cemetery. Whenever the Clown leopard performs at a circus the children and parents just laugh saying that it is just a clown wearing a mask, but when the Clown Leopard gets angry it roars and the lights turn off and on again, the crowd is gone and all there is left is splattered blood everywhere.


The Clown Leopard is 5 Meters tall and is able to swim in water and run the speed of 200km per each 10 minutes. It feeds on humans, actually anything which is a mammal
( Warm blooded ) The Clown leopard lived when the Mammoths use to live. The Clown Leopard kept eating and eating all the mammoths it could find. That is how the mammoths were extinct. Once it eats the mammals it juggles their brains and swallows them whole.

Location/ Where it lives:
The Clown leopard lives in a country called Deadly in a world of horror with many many people living here and there but the people don’t dare come to that country so he comes to them. It also lives in a cemetery with billions of dead people. It also performs at a circus in the middle of a park called ghost. Some people do like scary things so he makes them come in and never walk back out. The managers which sell the tickets have no heads. You might wonder why he always performs at that park. Well the answer is, to kill you!!!


Beware of this rare creature which would some day kill you. Never go to a park named Ghost, or never enter his part of the world or else you will never return...
Thank you for reading my report on the CLOWN LEOPARD!
I will get you someday!!!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Correctly Adjusted Helmet

This is me in a correctly adjusted helmet. Tracey helped me tighten it up it bit. We are checking if our helmet our safe for safe cycling which is coming up this term. I hope my helmet won't fall off! Please comment:)

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Mathletics Reflection

Reflection for Mathletics

Something I was pleased with was having to finish my poster on time and how I was happy with it. Because it did take me about 3 days trying to figure out what design I should do and the day before they were dued I started my poster. The second day I just had to do the lettering and the black outlining.

I really enjoyed learning how you find the centre point. Because Mr M was really explaining how to find the centre of the page by measuring accurately.

Something I found hard was covering the pencil lines in black out liner. Because I was trying not to get little black dots on the lines and that happens if your keep you black marker in a spot for too long.
Something that made me think was making the measurement really accurate because it is pretty hard measuring the lines with the ruler but mathletics was really fun.
Something I want to get better at is helping others do their poster too. Because I was helping Emma do her poster but not really concentrating on hers but mine.

How can I do that? By Promising them on when to help them and what day to help them or else it just causes trouble if I don’t.

This is my Mathletics!

Mathletics Animation by hemani1jf4 on GoAnimate

Monday, November 04, 2013

Science: Race A Speedboat Experiment

Race a Speedboat
Can you make a paper boat race across the water just by gently touching the surface of the water?
I think that as you touch the water gently with a little dish wash on your finger the water might get a little bubbly and it might make the water push away. Just like how I wash the dishes at home. As I put the dish wash on any plate or glass the soap starts getting bubbly.

Coloured card, washing up liquid, pencil or sharpie, scissors, large container of water.

We created a boat out of paper. Mine was shaped like a ghost because it is a Halloween. My group ( Me, Jessica, Emma, Imaan and Nikitah  ) all had a dab of dish washing liquid on our finger and placed the paper boat in the water. We put our finger behind the boat and the boat went flying off without touching it

As we put the boat in the water along with the dish washing liquid behind it the paper boat started to move like a real boat out at sea.

The boat was spread out on the water surface. So the dish-washing liquid was actually spread out. The dish washing liquid changed the waters tension by as you touch the water behind the boat it makes the water weak so your are actually pulling it.

Short Experiment to Follow Up
Make Metal Float
Gently place a paperclip on the water’s surface.

When the paperclip is placed on the calm water I think that it will maybe float because the paperclip has holes in it just like a yacht and kayak. The water helps both of them float.

The water kind of makes a dent around the paperclip. The water helps the paperclip do that because the paperclip is on a side.


If another metal thing like an anchor was thrown out to sea it wouldn't float but will stay underwater but if you put it on a side just like the paperclip it will stay because of the dent I was talking about before.

Wow it works! The boat is calmly floating as someone puts their finger behind it.

Oh no, we are going to crash!

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