Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Science: Does Air Have Weight?

Does Air Have Weight?
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Predicting: What I think is that air does have weight because we can feel the air as it blows, but it is not the paper which is pushing the paper on the ruler it is the air.

Mr M put a ruler under a screwed up paper and the paper flew up along with the ruler too. Next Mr M put a real flat paper on the ruler and chose a volunteer to Karate Chop the ruler so he picked Ollie. Surprising when Ollie karate chopped the ruler it snapped because of the weight of the air. Next Crighton karate chopped it but he missed so he had another go and it didn't break but did stay on the table. Liam, Cameron, Sam and Teva all had a go too. But none managed to snap it. Next Mr M had a go and he didn't break it either. Marcus had a go too but it still stayed under the paper. Wow air is really heavy. Mr M was the last person to have a go and he managed to snap the ruler. Everyone had great fun and Ollie and Mr M were the only two people to snap the ruler.

As you put down a flat piece of paper on the ruler it is not the paper weight but the airs weight which is pushing the paper down making the ruler snap. There is also 300 pounds of weight in the air we learnt that from a video. Everyone had fun and this experiment was really enjoyable.

Wow Mr M! What a great Karate Chop.

Look at everyone's faces:)


  1. Well done Hemani.
    Great thinking,
    Keep it up!

  2. Cool post Hemanni.
    I love the explanation
    Well done.


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