Monday, October 21, 2013

Science: Air

What is air?

What causes air to move?

Experiment: Air Exists

Equipment: Container filled with H2O ( Water )
                    Paper towel

Will the paper stay dry?

Predicting: My answer is yes, because when you put the screwed up dry paper towel in the jar the wind is also trapped in the jar with the paper towel.

When my group ( Nakita, Jessica, Ben and I) screwed up the paper towel and put it in the jar it was just a regular paper in a jar. But then the magic happens. When you turn the jar upside down and put it in the water and pull the jar back up, the paper is still dry! My whole class really enjoyed doing that.

This science experiment has got to do with air. How it works is when you turn the jar over with the paper towel trapped inside there is also something else inside which is air. The air is like a protector for the paper towel so it does not get wet.

Neat fact:
The jar does not have a lid with it!


Experiment means when you a testing something to really show that it works.

Predicting means when you are told something and are going to right what you think will happen next.

Observing means when you are telling someone what you have just done like my class has just done an experience.

It worked! It actually worked. The science experiment was a success.


  1. Wow Hemani Great work!
    You explained it very well how air exists.
    Keep it up!

  2. Great job Hemani.
    Awesome Science work with your group.
    You explained how to do it well.
    Keep up the awesome work.


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