Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yachting Reflection Day 1

Optimist Yachting by hemani1jf4 on GoAnimate

Reflection for Yachting
Something I was pleased with was that me and Shivom worked hard on the Optimist yacht because at the start me and Shivom had trouble keeping the boat straight. And at the end we finally got it and enjoyed sailing too.
I really enjoyed learning that the when you move the tiller right it the boat moves left. Because whenever I put the tiller right I was wondering why the boat went left. And I figured it out because I knew that the boat goes opposite to the tiller.

Something I found hard was keeping the yacht balanced so it can go straight. Because what I thought in my head was whenever we were turning back to shore I thought that the boat would capsize.
Something that made me think was that we have to put our right hand on the blue tape on the paddle of the kayak because if I placed my left hand on the blue tape I am holding it upside down
Something I want to get better at is explaining to my partner how to do a job like the mainsheet or the tiller because it was Shivom’s first time.
How I can improve that is I can ask my partner if they need help and if they say yes I can help them do the job right.

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