Saturday, August 31, 2013

Real Henna Hands

Today Imaan's mum came into room 16 to put henna on each of the girls hands.
Every girl were so impatient. Well the photo at the top is how it was first on. And the photo at the bottom was when it was of.
The henna is kept in a cone shaped tube. You have to cut a tiny bit of the point of a squish the tube so that brownish blackish pastry comes out. Then you leave it on for about an hour and it will turn out orange like the photo at the bottom.
Enjoy and please comment:)

Thursday, August 29, 2013



Today Inderpreets mum came in to teach room 16 how to make Bread pakora. Everyone had turns at making the bread pakora and taking photos and videos of people doing it. The bread pakora comes from a country called India, that is the country that our topic is based on. Everyone had fun making bread pakora and everyone loved tasting it too. Scroll down to see the ingredients and the instructions on how to make a delicious bread pakora.


  • Chick pea flour

  • Cummin seeds

  • salt

  • turmeric

  • herbs

  • garam masala

  • cooking oil

  • bread


  • Pot for mixing

  • Pot for frying

Steps: ( Instructions how to make bread Pakora )
  • put chick pea flour into bowl

  • Add herbs, mix with water

  • Cut little pieces of bread.

  • Dip bread into mixture.

  • Get the pot, boil the water and place the bread gently into the pot.

  • When Golden brown take them out of the put

  • When it is kind of warm we can eat it!

    Here are some photos

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Butterfly Fish Report!

Butterfly Fish Report

The Butterfly Fish is one of the wonderful fish in the world. They are most likely to be in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. There are many type of Butterfly fish. Like the freshwater Butterflyfish. But I am doing mine on the Saltwater Butterflyfish. Read on to find out a-lot about the Butterflyfish. I have chosen this animal because the name looked so interesting that it made me want to research it, also because it is a marine animal which lives in water. It is not a land animal. And I also have a question for the reader: is the Butterflyfish endangered? Answer that question when you comment!

Feed on

The Butterfly fish love eating other water animals such as Shrimp, Plankton, coral, water worms and other type of small fish. The Butterfly fish is a Marine animal that means it can only stay in the salty waters.


The Butterfly fish lives in the Atlantic Pacific and Indian Ocean. It lives near the border of India and South America. In the water it lives in a plant called Tropical Coral Reefs. They can also live in lush water grass where the Clown Fish lives.

Life Cycle

The Butterflyfish can only stay up to 6-12 years.
Size: 7-15 centimetres long. Poor butterfly fish it is chewed hooked and killed by humans and predators. It is used as many type of things ( Food ) That means it can only stay up to 7 years in the wild. The Butterfly Fish can stay up to 10 years in a well kept pond, river, lake, sea or Aquarium.


The Butterfly fish has a really thin and flat body. They also have different colored bodies. The main colors are Black, White, Yellow, Silver and Orange. They also have patterns such as stripes and spots to represent their colors too. The Butterfly fish uses it’s tail for many things but one important thing it uses for is escaping from predators. It uses his tail like a rudder which is at the end of a Optimist Yacht. It’s tail is so fast that it leaves tiny bubbles behind as a trail.


There is not much types of the butterfly fish but I only know one. It is the Freshwater butterflyfish. I am doing my report on the Seawater butterfly fish.

Did you know?

Did you know the butterfly fish is as small as a tea cup. And it is a saltwater fish
( Marine Animal ) ( Fish ). There is 100 different species of the butterflyfish. There is also a specie called the freshwater butterflyfish. And it is not endangered. The butterflyfish was called that because of the patterns and color which is just like a butterfly. Color: Black, white, yellow, silver, orange. When baby butterfly fish are born they are called Fry. The butterfly fish has another name instead of a saltwater fish, it is also called a Marine animal. The scientific name for the butterfly fish is ‘Chaetodontidae.’ ( It is pretty difficult to sound out )


The predators of the butterfly fish is any type of Eel, sharks and fish ( other type of ones which are bigger then the butterfly fish.


Well did you understand every fact and interesting things about the butterflyfish? It is a real colorful creature. And a really active one too.

Thank you

Thank you for reading my report. Did you answer my question that I told you in my
introduction? Well I hope you did.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Maths Spreadsheet.

This graph shows my percentages.

Day        Score        %
1           16/25        64%

2           19/25        76%

3           23/25        92%

4           22/25        88%

5           24/25        96%

6           23/25        88%

7           19/25        76%

8           19/25        76%

9           18/25        72%

10         19/25        76%

Range: 24 ( 96 ) - 16 ( 64 )

We have had many days of maths.I have made a chart of the scores we had in 25 questions. They are all type of maths such as division subtraction multiplication and addition. There is also maths like complete the pattern and smallest to largest numbers. The dark blue line shows my score of day 1, the red line shows my score of day 2, the orange line shows my score of day 3, the green line shows my score of day 4, the purple line shows my score of day 5 and last but not least the light blue line shows my score of day 6. I really enjoyed working out my percentages and multiplying my score by four. I didn't improve on the last day because Mr M said after the tests that these questions were harder. But I am still proud of myself. We also are improving our maths everyday because we practice them at home. Please comment:)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Letter to Ken Catran

Parkvale School 
 Howard Street
 Hawkes Bay
 New Zealand 

 Dear Ken Catran
 I really enjoyed reading the book Dead Harry, The whole class wrote about each character in their topics book. I wrote a lot about each character. I like how the cover of the book has chattering teeth and Harry and Elias Miltons eyeballs. I have a connection with the ending, When Harry and Elias Milton starts fading away it reminded me of a book that our class read before Dead Harry. That book was called Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. In Kensuke’s Kingdom the boy ( Michael ) had to leave Kensuke because his parents had found him. Your ending is similar to that ending.

 My Favourite character is Premula. I know that she isn't the main character but she is a nice girl, she is a ghost from 200 years ago. That is something really interesting about her. She had a horrible disease which caused an infection and led to her death; she is now a ghost. My favourite part in the book was when Harry scared Sam. I especially liked the part when Harry and Elias Milton poked their eyeballs out. I also liked the part when Harry fades at the end. I have made a connection with that in a horror movie. The ghost is really nice and wants someone to help him to do a job so he can go to heaven. 

 Thank you so much for writing that book. The whole class really enjoyed it. When there were only two chapters left the class begged our teacher to read the last two chapters, and he did. It was a really nice and sad ending. The saddest parts were when Sam’s best friend Harry had to go as well as Elias. However, the nicest part was when Harry was happy that Sam did everything for him. Thank you so much:) 
 Yours Sincerely: Hemani Mall

Monday, August 19, 2013



This my Henna Hands when they are up on the wall. I also got a principles award for it. At the bottom it shows a diagram of what each part of the pattern means. I really enjoyed doing Henna Hands to learn more about India. There is another photo at the bottom. Enjoy and please comment.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Geo Guesser!

Where am I? I am someplace where the weather is cloudy. The traffic is very slow. Cars are coming about 3 metres behind each other. I splash into a puddle near the lush green grass. The water feels cold. Lots of people walk on the the path next to the road. What am I doing on the road? I move aside and let the cars go past. The countdown begins “ 10 9...” I should quickly guess what the place is. “8 7...“ Is it London? or somewhere in Canada? Maybe in North  America “6 5 4 3...” I tapped Canada. Wow what a guess! It was in Asia. A city called Glatov which was 6971 Kilometers away from Canada. I earned 1066 points. That was very close. I am zapped somewhere else in the world. Where am I now?

I am someplace sunny now. The shadows of the trees are so dark. The road is all clear not a single car, not a single bird. I was sweating now as the blaze of the sun nearly blinded me as I looked at it. The trees look tall and green. Ever single tree looks like each other. The path next to the road was dusty and filled with skin colored rocks. The countdown began “10 9 8 7 6....” “ what can it be?” I say to myself. I think it is New Zealand or somewhere in Asia. I tapped Asia. What a guess! I was 9043 Kilometers away from the correct answer. It was in the United States of America. I earned 650 points. I am broken to digital bits and is connected in a new place. Where am I now?

What a place! Beautiful green grass growing everywhere. I feel the wetness of the water on a strip of grass. The clouds looked as if they were going away after spitting rain on this place. Trees growing taller and taller everyday. What can this place be? I might be somewhere in New Zealand or North America. 10 9 8 7... Oh what can it be? I will go for New Zealand. 6 5 4 3 2.... I tap New Zealand on the world map. Is it right? Oh No! I got it wrong. It was in Brazil which is far away from NZ. It was 13,373 kilometers away and I earned 154 points. That was a really bad guess. Once again I was broken into digital bits and was connected in some other place in the world where am I now?

What in the world is this place? It looks so dry. The bushes aren't blooming with color. I wonder what this place might be. Is it Europe? or Australia? “10 9 8 7 6 5 4...” I will go for Australia.” 3 2..” I tapped the map. Is it right? Gosh I am really bad at guessing. I was 1,3366 kilometers away from the correct answer. I earned 155 points. I hope the next place isn't as hard as this one. I was glitched to a new place. Where am I now?

This place looks mysterious. What can this place be? There are trees planted in a row on my right. There are millions of leaves on the ground. The path is all clear not a single leaf on that. Is it New Zealand or maybe somewhere in Brazil? “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 “ Oh no! I will go for Brazil. I tapped Brazil on the map. “3 2..” I hope it is right! Gosh... It was in the United States. Better luck next time. I earned 880 points and the distance was 7860 km away. A cloud has picked me up and has brought me to a new place. Where on earth am I now?

Wow! This place looks amazing. A bulldozer right in front of me. Going north will be a perfect town. I better check it out. Look at this place. It looks incredible with all the people speaking their language. Many types of food. But my question is what is this place? It can be in Australia or in New Zealand, How about in Asia? “ 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2” I am going for a place in Asia. I tapped India. Whoa what a guess! I earned 899 points and got a distance of 7765. The correct answer was in South Africa. I wonder what the next place will be...

There is no next place! it is the end of the Game. I had many wrong guesses and a couple of good ones too. That game was really fun. Geo guesser is the best country and city guessing game ever! I should play it again.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Story about a dragon called Smoke

Chapter 1


The Mini dragon is breathing fire and warming up my finger at the same time. I named him smoke after I had found him in the fresh green grass. I named him that because whenever I talk to him he would always puff out a cloud of smoke. What else would I have done? I couldn't just leave him there, alone, and nobody for to look after him. I treated him like a mother. One day as I brushed the scattering leaves of my driveway I saw Smoke sitting in one of my pot plants. I walked over to him and found something incredibly amazing. Smoke has grown his size. He could reach up to my ankle. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was really excited to see him grow. But then some imagination had popped into my head. I imagined him being a huge fire breathing dragon. He would eat me alive! But I shook that silly thought out of my head and fed him his favorite meal that I fed him when I first got him, Pancakes, he loved the maple syrup. I put him in his cot and put him to sleep. I rushed out to hose my pot plants when suddenly a huge red flame burst out the window where Smoke was having his sleep.

I rushed in and found something I was really disappointed of. Smoke had grown twice his size. That means  he could reach up to my neck. But that wasn't what I was disappointed about. I was disappointed about that he turned the whole room into a disaster. All that was left of the bed was ashes which flew right out the window. “ OH NO” I shouted. The ashes have gone out the window and people aren't allowed to light fires in this country. It is illegal!”. People surrounded the pitch black ashes. Some started calling the police. “ we are in trouble” I shouted to Smoke. “And it is all because of you!” Smoke gave me a look of sadness when suddenly there was a knock on the door. I wasn't like a knock it was more of a smash. I creaked open the door as if I was scared and saw who it was. It was the cops. “ Do you know anything about these ashes?” They asked me. I could not lie or else they would have put me in a true or false chair. They repeated the question.

I finally answered “ Yes “ I whispered. All of a sudden a color blended flame burst out of the window. The police headed towards the melting window and found something they ran away from. When the Police was gone I scurried to the window and found something that I should run away from too. But I didn't. Smoke wasn't a little dragon any more. He was past my size. Smoke could touch the ceiling of my house. I gulped in horror as he smashed my house down and came towards me. He had fierce white teeth, Bumpy scaly skin, Huge fabric like wings but most of all a red eye. I walked backwards. And knocked some things down which made him ROAR! Smoke whispered something in my ear which I couldn't understand  It was some kind of dragon language. Smoke blew fire and formed a portal. I stared at the portal. Smoke walked in and started to speak English! “Welcome” he said in a wizardry voice. “ This is my world “ he said. “ I need you’re help with something really urgent”. I looked at him strangely and whispered “what do you need help with” My mother is trapped in some kind of evil liar ruled by a dragon called burn” Smoke said “ He is the strongest out of the fire breathing dragons.

Friday, August 02, 2013

What is culture?

What we are learning in our class at the moment is culture. This picture explains culture between Teva and I. We put our name on one of the circles and write key words about our culture. The middle is explaining what we both celebrate and like. Please read our specific words about ourselves and please comment:)

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