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Report on the Morepork

The Mischief Morepork

Morepork ( Ruru ) are wonderful birds. It is amazing how their head spins around. People might be misunderstood by that. There is actually a special reason why they turn their head around, that I will tell you in my report later on. Moreporks are extremely special creatures. They are the only native owl to NZ ( New Zealand )  Moreporks would be found in forest areas. Moreporks don’t live for that long. I will give you the reason why in my report. There is a really interesting fact about the Morepork which is that it is nocturnal like the Kiwi. Read my report about the incredible Morepork. As you read on you will find out that there is lots of facts about it too.


The Morepork lives in areas like caves, trees, hollows and forest areas. The Morepork also makes a sound like “ Cree Cree.” It makes that sound when it is hunting. But most of the time it is deadly silent. I think it does that so animals can come out because they will think that the Morepork has gone. It is animals like Rats, Mice, lizards, large insects, small birds, Moths, huhu beetles, weta, spiders, caterpillar and flying insects. Did you know if you hear a sound of a morepork try to imitate it by whistling back and see if it replies! sometimes it usually does if you whistle bit louder so it can hear it. Also the hearing of a morepork is really clear, same with it’s eye sight.

Facts, Predators and Life-Span
The Morepork can only live up to 5-11 years in the wild but if they are not in the wild they will live up to 6-10 years. Their weight is 175g. It’s length is 29 cm long from head to tail. They can hear a sound from a distance like a whirring of an insect. Moreporks sleep all day and come out at night
( they are nocturnal ) Moreporks have really clear eyesight in the night. Predators of a Morepork are Stoats and Possums The morepork can swivel it’s head around 270 degrees That is pretty impossible for humans, they can only turn their heads around 90 degrees. The Morepork has a cousin which is the Australian Boo-book. Moreporks only lay two eggs and the baby Moreporks leave their nest 5 weeks later so that it can hunt by his/herself and learn how to live in the wild.

Did you know?
Ninox novaeseelandiae is the Moreporks scientific name. The Morepork is New Zealands only surviving native Owl. The Morepork is really sensitive to light and are almost soundless when they are flying. An interesting fact about the Morepork is that the Female is bigger than the Male. The Morepork is named by the sound of it’s call. The cry of the Morepork can be heard in forest and parks. Using my prior Knowledge I estimate that their echos can be heard in caves to. Speckled dark brown skin and bright yellow eyes they have got. The other names for the incredible Morepork is Koukou and Peho. Moreporks can breed up to two-three eggs white eggs
are laid mostly in October or November. Wherever you live in NZ you can hear this little owl calling at night during summer. It flies silently that only owls can achieve. You can even see them eating things like moths near street light.

OH the poor morepork. People sometimes destroy their habitat like trees (people just cut them down) Predators of a Morepork are Stoats and Possums. Possums also come out at night like moreporks that is why they are a predator of a morepork. There is also an enemy of the morepork which are people. But it is not the humans fault, they don’t know that the morepork live there. I have told you the habitats on the morepork in the habitat paragraph but once again it is hollows, tree,  caves and forest areas.

Well, did you understand my importance and facts about the Morepork? They are really special to NZ. Not only because they are native it is because they are the only surviving owl in New Zealand. What amazing creatures Moreporks are.

Native means that she, he or it belongs to that country or where it was born.

Nocturnal means that it only comes out at night.

Imitate means to try and  get it’s attention.

Whirring means a sound that an insect makes.

Australian mean someone or something which comes from the country Australia.

Pri knowledge means things that you already know about instead of searching.

Estimate means think ( Eg: is the morepork native? Estimation yes )

Predator means something that kills another animal (stoats kill moreporks)

Paragraph means a group of sentences.

Surviving means it is the only surviving owl in NZ.
(surviving is just like living)

Breed means when the mother of a human or animal is giving birth to a child.

Scientific means that scientist decided to call it that. But I have my pri knowledge and think that the morepork was named that by it’s movement or call!

Thanks for reading my report on the one and only Morepork.

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