Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kereru Art

This is my Kereru art!
We had to draw a Kereru from the book "as Kuku slept" .
I have done a creepy hand of a possum at the bottom.
Along with a branch sticking out of the tree.
There is a big tree at the back too.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reflection For Camp!

Reflection for Camp!

My goal for camp was...
Encourage others while doing activities.

I achieved this because... I wanted to get along with Room 16 and help them with things they were stuck on.

Something I was pleased with was... Having fun and doing exciting things during camp. And exploring more of New Zealand.
Because... This was my first time doing caving and other things that has got something to do with exploring at this camp. I really wanted to challenge myself too.
I really enjoyed learning... That the Rata tree was 800-1000 years old. It was amazing how thick the tree was and everyone could fit around it.
because... the Rata tree was amazing it was the biggest and most beautiful tree I have ever seen. It is great to have it in the forest of Camp Kaitawa!
Something I found hard was... Doing the pipeline. It was really challenging myself on this one because it was really tiring and steep!
Something that made me think was... That we should really care for others in-case they cause an injury on themselves or fall down!
because... caring for others is the one of the most important thing in the world. Because if you care for them they will start caring for you.
· My top 5 favorite things about camp were:

Favorite Things...
Reason Why...
1. Gazing at the waterfalls.
Experiencing the waterfall was  great because the noise actually sounded like nature! The noise was pretty noisy and beautiful at the same time.
2. Caving in the rain
The rain made the rocks of the cave from the inside start to drip but the thing is that rain makes mud and it is kind of fun getting dirty. Everyone had a great time at caving
3. Spending time with Room 16
It was really fun to get along with room 16. Everyone really enjoyed caving and had lots of fun. Everyone started to become friends with each other.
4. Amazing Race and Kayaking
Amazing race was really fun. I liked how every single team worked harder harder. Mrs Patel and David were amazing at Kayaking and I won’t forget Bridget too!
5. The Rata Tree
How amazing was the Rata tree? well to me it was 10-10. The Rata tree was massive it looked as if it was the mum of all the other trees in the forest of Camp Kaitawa.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Amazing Race

Amazing Race

3, 2, 1 GO! Josh ripped open the letter and red what we had to do. Anthony red it out. We had to collect sticks and make a animal name out of them from our group. “Make an L” yelled Josh. “Make an I as well” shouted Marcus! We had made the word lion! “Come over Mr M” I said. Mr M rushed over, took a photo, and handed Josh the next letter. He teared it apart and spotted the next letter.” What does it say” I whispered excitedly. “ we have to work as a team for this” said Josh.

“ it says that we have to make a fudge cake in the dining hall”. “ Then what are we waiting for” said Marcus. “ lets go”. Marcus ran off without us. “ we don’t want the others to catch up” puffed Anthony. “ so let's go”! We all ran up the muddy track. Emma and me were out of breath so we walked instead. “ There is the dining hall said Inderpreet!”. I slipped my shoes off and rushed inside. There were about two groups already there. “ come on we have no time to waste” said Anthony! Lets start!

We all worked as a team to crush the cookies with our hands. We all poured the cocoa in and put it in the fridge. “What is the next thing Josh” said anthony as Mrs Hill handed over the letter. It said if we would like to do Mr M’s Boot camp or The smart challenge. We all agreed on the boot camp. We ran down the muddy track and back to the court where we did our first activity!

Mr M was waiting for us in the centre of the court. “OK” said Mr M. two of you have to do 20 press ups. I was confident enough to do that so Josh and Marcus did it. Then Mr M said to two people to do Push ups. I wasn't confident enough to do that either. But I stepped up for it! “Ouch “ I said as the rocks on the concrete were spiking up my spine. “19 20” I said! Trying not to puff. “ now” said Mr M. Two of you have to do 20 star jumps”! Emma stood up for that and Inderpreet! Mr M
handed us the next letter. It was about a puzzle in the hall to the dining room.

Back and forth we go from court to Dining hall. We took our shoes off once again. I think the puzzle might be in one of those letters across the wall I thought. We skidded across the hall to a letter. It was a puzzle or some Mountains. It looked like Camp Kaitawa. It took us only 3 or 4 minutes to complete the puzzle. When we completed it we went to Mrs H and grabbed our next letter. It said something about Kayaking. Two people had to go. Josh wanted to. None of the others did want to. So I just did it.

We both hopped in a double Kayak and paddled off. Go go go! Yelled the rest of our team on the bank. My hands started to hurt. But I kept paddling, I didn’t give up! We saw Mrs Patel on the other side of the Lake. She took photo’s of us paddling to her. “ here you go” she said. She handed us the next letter as we rowed beside her.

“ go Hemani you can do it said Josh”. This time my arms started to pain. I didn’t want us to lose so I kept going. We were almost there. Our team cheered as we washed ashore. We all saw Nikitah and Samuel on the Lake in the distance. We quickly ripped the letter from the top and red it. We had to do the wire line which we did earlier in the confidence course. As a team we ran to the sign where it said CONFIDENCE COURSE!

I spotted the stepping stones and said that we were on the right track. Then we all saw the net and climbed over it. We ran down the track and caught sight of Mr M on the other side of the wire line. I grabbed hold on the sides and walked slowly on the wire. It jiggled and wiggled like jelly on plate. I almost slipped of! But luckily I didn't! Our whole group made it on the other side and Mr M took a photo of us and told us to go back to the dining hall. We rushed to the dining hall and saw that the tigers and leopards were there first. Congratulations to the leopards!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Audio Recording of Kayaking story! There are some photo's at the end. Enjoy and please comment:)

The water is calm and silent not a single ripple or wave had appeared. “ do you girls want to go for a walk around the lake”? whispered Richard. “ Yes”! Said Emma and I. We started walking, with Bridget behind us. “ Ouch” I screamed as a thorn  scratched my palm. “ Are you OK” cried Emma. “ Yes” I whispered. We both spun our head around and spotted laughter of children having fun as they kayaked.

Suddenly I caught a wonderful sight of Nikitah.
Kayaking all by herself. She was so confident and really trying hard even though it was her first time. I was really impressed. We carried on dodging twigs and branches which were sticking out of the tree’s in the nearby forest. “Squelch” “Ahhhhhhh” I slipped on mud right next to the lake.....But nothing happened it was just a tiny slip. Lucky I didn't fall!!! We found ourselves standing by the kayaks again.

Emma and me hopped in a double kayak. And we rowed of. “ Crighton, Liam, Bree and Imaan come in! Yelled Mr Moriarty.
Suddenly I realized that the water was starting to rush. It was only because everyone on the Kayaks were moving their paddles. “Left Right, Left right” I shouted so that Emma in front of me knows which way we are going. “You are a big help Hemani” called Emma. I replied “thanks”! Kayaking is a big experience!
Josh and me Kayaking!
Left right left right!!!
Me and Emma having a great time while doing kayaking

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Caving at Camp Kaitawa

This is my audio recording of camping at camp Kaitawa!
There are some photos too. Please comment:)

Caving at camp Kaitawa!
Squish squish squish squash went my feet as I slowly walked into the mud. “ Are you OK” said Tracey! from behind “ yes” I replied. At last we came to our first cave. I flicked on my torch as I crawled into the cave. It was pretty difficult to get through tight gaps. But I managed to do it. “ Whoa” said an echo from ahed. It sounded like that someone had slipped. I saw light coming towards me and I found myself out of the cave. I saw Mr M and his long jongs as dirty as can be. Mr M started walking along the track and a group of children followed Mr M. I carefully slipped my self out of the cave. And rushed to Mr M! We all walked on the track and saw the biggest cave I have ever seen. But there were couple more caves to go. I changed my mind and thought that the caves that are coming up would be massive than this one. Whoosh whoosh I breathed in and out hoping that I won’t splash lots of mud on me. I saw Mr M’s leg fading through the exit in the distance.

I crept, I dodged I did everything I could to not trip over rocks and to not get mud on myself. “uh” I mumbled as my foot was about to slip on a slippery looking rock. “ Hurry up Hemani” Cried Lily. I pushed myself to do it and I did it. There was a muddy track approaching in front of me. I spotted Richard on the track and he whispered “follow me I will be your leader OK”. “ OK” I replied. The muddy track was so slippery that I almost fell. Suddenly some imagination had popped into my head. I had thought that if I had fell I would get so muddy and it will be like a gigantic mud slide. I shook my head to get that silly thought out of my head. Room 16 had journeyed through many caves. Something was approaching in the distance but lucky it was just a cave.

Not only a cave it was our last cave! I started to feel droopy because it was our last cave but anyway all the caves were fun. “ this cave is a Weta cave” called Mr M so that everyone could hear.I started to shiver a bit as the wind pushed against me. There was a huge line! But sooner or later it will be my turn. I found myself standing at the front of the line. I crept into the cave a big slushy puddle appeared. I started to go on my heels and walk through. Suddenly my heels started to shake and they unbalanced. My sock and shoes were soaking wet!!! It felt different to have feet wet but I just carried on. I spied a exit. I was out of the cave. Surprisingly I had not seen one weta, not one. Caving was so fun especially with Room 16!

Me going through a tight gap!

I am confident enough to do the rope challenge. It was FUN!!!

I crept, I crawled, I made it!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Burma Trail

We had to make a story about camp in present tense this is my one with a audio recording too.
Enjoy and please comment:)

Burma Trail!

“Uh I’m scared” Mumbled Emma as a quarter of room 16 waited in a line. “ It’s OK” I whispered back. There was about 5 people in front of me. I waited and waited and waited until It was my turn. I grasped my hand on the rope and slowly started walking up the track. “ Hemani” shouted Mr M so that the people which are already on the track know that I am coming. Carefully I go. Holding the rope. When I was halfway through Jessica had caught up with me. I was looking at her and following the rope at the same time when suddenly I felt a soft hand. As I spun my head around there was nobody there. I shiver ran up my spine. But I just carried on trying to forget about it. Then I saw somebody. But it was just Anthony. “Come I will lead you the way to the end” he whispered to me and Jessica. Finally we had reached the end. I saw the track behind me in the dark forest. Lucky there were some people already at the end. Mrs H sat in the car with Bridget, Tracey, Bree, Imaan and I. I told Mrs H about the hand and she cried that we didn't put any parents on the track. I was terrified and thought something when Imaan interrupted and shouted it might of been “Michael Noonan’s Ghost!

Master Chef Prezi!

This is a Prezi I created based on Camp. It is all about Master Chef!
Enjoy and please comment:)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Robot Part 2

The Robot Part 2 

 Hi everyone it’s me Milky. But now I’m called Rusty. Remember last year my paint had be melted of. About shadow he had left because he wanted to go back home where he lived before ‘Heaven’. I am alone once again with the dark forest around me. As I walk I always see this trail behind me. Which is the same shape and size of my foot. I have no idea what I can call it. Suddenly I had come up with a brilliant name for it. I decided to name it ‘Footprints’. I thought that would be a nice name for it. I walked into the forest as I turned my head around I saw my footprints fading amongst the shadows of the enormous trees. ‘I miss shadow’ I whispered to myself. ‘I really do’! One night as I slept a star had twinkled and it had moved an inch. Suddenly I saw that it wasn't even a star at all. It came closer and closer through the misty white clouds. 

It was half way to me I decided to think what it is. ‘can it be a shooting star’ I shivered as the wind filled up my engine. Suddenly the mysterious thing had landed about 10 meters away from me. Slowly something weird came out. To me it looked like shadow. And surprisingly it was shadow. I waved my hand in the air to him and he waved back just like old times. We both raced each other to cave where I sleep. The waterfall poured quietly as Shadow and I fell asleep. Midnight had raised. My eyes squeaked as I opened them. I saw Shadow drinking some water from the pure river. I fell asleep again. The sun raised. Shadow and I had just been for a walk and when we came back there was some batteries for me to charge up. Me and Shadow stared at each other and we found out that we were not alone on this island. We saw something in the distance. What is that I whispered to Shadow. He didn't say anything at all. Follow me I whispered to Shadow. 

We both tiptoed up to the thing and stopped. Something so beautiful had attracted my eyes. It was a pink robot. I settled myself and walked to her she immediately looked at me and I gazed at her. She said her name was Gir and I introduced myself to her to. Shadow was telling me to hurry up. But I ignored him and skipped happily of with Gir. Shadow dropped sadly to his star shaped ship and boosted back to Heaven. Without me noticing. One day Gir was giving me millions and billions of favors for me to do to her. Then I shouted I’m sick of doing all these jobs for you so go back to your ugly ship and leave my island. She looked at me like I was an idiot and left. When she and her ugly ship boosted up it landed somewhere else on the island. Steam burst out of my head. ‘She didn't understand I shouted ‘She didn't know that I told her to leave the complete island’ Then suddenly I thought of shadow and tried to look for him all day but I just couldn't find him. Suddenly a letter had fallen out of the sky and it said that it was from Shadow. 

I read it, Dear Rusty I was trying to tell you something but all you did was try to ignore me I was about to say that Gir was going to be mean to you. But you just didn't care so I am never coming back to visit you ever again from Shadow. I felt ashamed and stared at the sky. I’m sorry I exclaimed I truly am Shadow please come and play with me again please. But there was no reply. So I dropped back to my cave and weeped. 1 month has gone winter was nearly beginning. Snow started to fall along with snowflakes. ‘If only Shadow was here I said it would be much fun in the snow more than playing alone’. 2 months has been but still no sign of Shadow. I hugged myself tightly as the snow buried me alive. Then I smashed the snow of me but it just kept snowing and snowing and snowing. Spring had started tree’s grew taller and taller. The sky was filled with clouds but still no sign of Shadow. Last night I had dreamed a wonderful dream that I could've imagine ion the day. It was about Shadow coming back to me. Than when I woke up I said dreams can come true. So I waited and Waited and Waited for three hours. 

Another hour later I said Just wait a bit more longer. I waited and waited and waited until it was 8:00 at night. Tomorrow had appeared over the horizon. But something else was appearing over the horizon as well. It looked like Gir's space ship in the distance but I was wrong it was Shadow. This time he landed just beside me and said ‘I have heard everything you have said to me in Heaven and I decided to come back. Me and him looked at each other held hands and smiled. We were best best friend forever.

The Kiwi Creche

                                                                        Kiwi Creche 
“Are we there yet?” I mumbled. As we arrived at the Kiwi Creche we saw some people that owned the Kiwi Creche outside waiting for us. They are called the Echoed. I hoped that they caught a kiwi for us to see. Once our whole class was here they led us to a high net. The net is used so that stoats, ferrets and weasels don't get in to attack on the kiwi’s. There is a curved part at the top so cats can’t get in. (Because cats can climb fences,nets & things like that) The Echoed people led us to a shady place called a (Marae) and we sat down on the bench and answered some questions about kiwis. Then a lady came in with one of her hands gripped on the the handle of a green box. I was thinking “What is in that box?” Slowly and carefully, she pulled out a baby kiwi. It was clicking its bill together (that means it is angry to be woken up from it’s sleep). Everyone had a turn to pat it. It’s fur was rough and smooth at the same time  As the lady put the kiwi back we got to hold the kiwi’s eggs. It is fun at the Kiwi Creche!

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