Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Friendship Art

 This is a friendship quote art that room 16 did.
It is our self looking over a wall.
Please read my friendship quote and please comment!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Name Creature!

 On Monday 27th of May Mrs O'Kane came in and did art with us!
This is my one I call it the Face Holder!
Because it has two faces one is on top of the other. 


Step 1. First you fold the paper in half.
Step 2. Sketch your name on one side of the fold.
Step 3. Outline your name in black pastel.
Step 4. Fold the paper again right where the fold was before and iron it.
Step 5. Your name will reflect on the other side of the fold and you have to out line that to.
Step 6. When you have done that you have to decide which side your art will go (so it will be a side where it looks like something maybe a creature)
Step 7. At the end you just color it in like I have showed you here! Please comment:)

Letter to Michael Morpurgo!

Parkvale School
Howard Street
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand

Dear Michael Morpurgo

Your book ( Kensuke’s Kingdom) is the best book I have ever red! It is a really interesting book. I did have some feelings when our teacher was reading it to us.

Some of my feelings were: Interested when I first saw the book and when our teacher started reading it. Worried because when it was the part when Michael tipped out of his boat and washed up on shore of an island. Sad because at the end Michael saw the Peggy Sue (boat) he had to leave Kensuke because on the Peggy Sue were his parents and he didn't see them for about a year because he was washed up on the island.

Questions to you:
What idea did you come up with to present the book?
Did you just name Michael Michael because your name is Michael?
How long did it take you to make the book?
Is Kensuke real?

Please answer all my questions!

Sincerely Hemani Mall
From room 16!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Robot story!

Please read my story and enjoy it as you read it to!
I made this story with my imagination.
Please comment:)


There I was standing in the wilderness alone. I wanted to really enjoy my life but there was no one enjoying it with me. My name is Milky because I just call myself that another reason is that I am white as milk. There was hardly anyone in the world when I was around because everyone had just took a flight to a planet called better life. They were all happy when they were gone. I sleep by a waterfall which pours so quietly. I am going to have a nap see you in the morning .I was awoken by the sun shining through the waterfall. When I sit up I see the reflection of the forest in the river which I call pure. As I take a peep from my sleeping spot I see a black figure appear and disappear just as I blink. I looked behind the tree and I saw nothing but leaves making a rustling sound as the breeze pushes against them. Then I see a shadow just next to the tree I was standing by. Slowly and shyly the shadow comes out behind the oak and looks at me just as I look just at him. He did everything the same as I did. It was kind of annoying but really fun. We played all day and decided to live together too. The next day I figured out a name for him. I named him the bestest name I could think of. Black Shadow. He just had a smile the same as I did. I showed him around and told him about the people that used to live here. But he exactly did everything the same as I did. I thought he didn't understand anything. The next day I felt anger building up in my metal body and I put all my strength into what I wanted to shout out. GO AWAY! I shouted leave me alone you black looking creature you are so annoying! Shadow took a view at me once more and drooped off sadly with white tears. I realized he actually listened to me I rushed up to him and said stop shadow I,m really sorry. Suddenly he started doing the same as I did again. We skipped off with laughter. Shadow really liked looking at me when I sleep in the cave behind the waterfall with him. One day as I was gently washing my robot face the nature thought I was stupid they thought that there was no one around to talk to when suddenly as I turned my body black shadow was gone. All there was left was a carved leaf which said Dear milky I was so happy living with you it was great fun but now I have to wonder of in the wild to experience more of my life see you then. Shadow. Black tears rolled down my rusty cheek. I looked out in the wilderness to see if shadow had really had left I thought it was a prank. I looked for him all day,night and nearly midnight but I never found him it wasn't a prank at all. All those years I told myself were years when I was looking for a friend but I never had found one who could stay with me forever until I rust to death. Suddenly I saw a speed of light that hit the earth, the wilderness, where I live. Every single thing was burnt all except me. Only my milky paint dribbled and sunk in the hazel dirt which I was standing on. I was sad and wondering what that thing was which ruined my place. Then suddenly in the distance I saw a golden figure coming towards me. At first I thought it was an alien but no. It was my best friend black shadow. He was delighted to meet me and I was to. I asked him a serious and heartbreaking question which was why did you run away? and why are you golden? He answered my second question first his reply was that he had been in a special place called heaven that’s where all the ghosts and spirits go and that's where a GREAT and the most responsible man lives he added in his name is the great GOD. He is the one who created earth and us everything which is not man made is all created by him. He calls it life. I was so interested in what he was saying. For my first question he replied I wanted to meet god. I was black before because I was a spirit and god made me golden. Now you can call me golden shadow Wow! I shouted That’s amazing. The next day I asked him can I meet god too and he shouted YES! 

Plus all of us have black or white skin but never golden because god is and if we are different there is no need to make fun because our souls are always the same.

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Presentation On Whales!

  This is a presentation that I presented on whales.
My reading group had to do this task.
Enjoy and please comment too!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reflection on Interview!

This is my Interview reflection!
I have done it as an presentation.
Please comment:)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week 2 Rock Climbing!

Rock climbing at Karamu High School 15/05/13 
Week two! 

 Today was awesome at rock climbing! This time our leaders were Jesse and Haylee! 

 Something I was proud of was That I made it up the whole wall and touched the top! And that I didn't look down to see how high I was ( because I’m a little scared of heights)

 Something I found challenging was Trying to grip on the rocks because some were hard to find. ( Do you know if I was on one rock it would be hard to find the one that you can go on next) 

 Something I learnt was When I did the Belay because when I was doing the routine( push pull bum hand hand) the person that’s walking up we have to try and bring back. 

Rock Climbing is so fun!

My Imagine Camping Writing!

Imagine Camping!

 Ow Ouch! The rocks were pinching my back as I slept in the tent. Our whole class had a tent each so that means I was all alone. There was a cabin to but lucky the teachers got to sleep in that! The cold wind tightened me up as it blew and blew making freaky ghost noises. I started hugging myself. When suddenly I thought of a brilliant idea. I thought that I should make a rock man outside to keep me company. So I grabbed some huge orange rocks and piled them up. Just like a snowman except it was with rocks. Then I went back to my tent and stared at the shadow of the rock man through the tent. I was just going to bust it when suddenly a huge flash of lightning did it for me. I gazed up at the sky as the clouds turned black and fog was heading for us. Fog then blocked my way. I couldn't see where I was going. Crash boom! The lightning smashed a boulder of snow on the top of pointy mountain. I closed my eyes when surprisingly one of my friends pushed me out of my way! She said “be careful”. Then she led me back to my tent and I was back in my snugly bed as warm as can be because my friend had lend me a sheet. Finally I was safe. Maybe....

Friday, May 17, 2013

3D shapes!

Today we were learning about 3D shapes and we made some out of blue tack and sticks!
It was pretty hard sticking sticks together because they were just collapsing!

This is a cube. It has 5 faces 8 corners and 12 edges!

This is a square pyramid. It has 5 faces 5 corners and 8 edges!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our 3D shapes!

This is Ben's shape it is a cylinder. It has 2 faces no corners and  no  edges!
There was a formula to that Mrs Roil
shared with us it goes like this Corners (vertices) + faces - 2 = the amount of the edges!

My shape is a Square pyramid!
It has 5 vertices ( corners)
It has 5 faces
And 8 edges

Friday, May 10, 2013

Willy diary!

This story is based on Willy and Hugh by Anthony Browne!
 Dear diary

 As I woke up that morning I decided to have a walk. But as I walked in the park everyone didn't even bare to look at me all they did was talk to their friends. One day I was cleaning the tables in my house when suddenly I heard a knock on my door for the first time. As I opened the door there was a normal man like me except he was an adult. He said ‘Excuse me sorry to interrupt what you were doing’ and then he paused and looked at me and after a while he continued. ‘ Is this your bike’ I looked at the bike as water dripped from it’s handles. My eyes turned bigger and bigger in excitement. I shouted yes! That is my bike. Thank you so much.’ What is your name young one he whispered’ I replied ‘Willy’ do you want to go to the beach if it’s a perfect day tomorrow? He asked. Of course I will. I said and he waved a hand goodbye and head of with his umbrella shading his head as the rain came past. I slammed the door shut and looked at my bike that I had rolled into my house with muddy tracks behind the wheel. I grabbed a cloth from the kitchen and started cleaning it and it looked as sparkly as new!


 I yawned as the sun shone into my eyes. It was a perfect day just like the man said. Suddenly a thought had popped into my head. I asked a question to myself I said What is that man’s name? I jumped out of bed and rushed to the lounge. The man had already come in! He was dressed like an adventurer,like a person that’s ready to go far away from home! I stared at him,and asked him shyly what’s your name? He replied ‘Hugh Jape’. His voice was really loud. Hugh and I were happy together swinging on the rocking swings in the park. When suddenly Hugh’s swings string snapped! I gasped with my eyes wide open. But what Hugh did was laugh. We laughed the whole day through. ‘See you tomorrow’ said Hugh.’ Bye’ I replied. 


 The birds chirped at my bedroom’s window as I cooked my breakfast. I fed them little crumbs of bread. Suddenly Hugh flung the door open! ‘What a lovely day aye Willy’ he yelled let’s go to the beach now! I quickly ate my breakfast and rushed out the door. As we sat on the golden sand Silly Billy had come to bully me. He shouted ‘What are you doing whimp’ I didn't look at him then he held me by the ear and was about to drown my face in the water when surprisingly Hugh stood up for me. Hugh frightened Silly Billy away! We both had a big hug of friendship.

2D shapes.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

My angry verb bird!

This is my angry bird that room 16 made with room 5.
We had to act out verbs and write them down on a piece of paper.
We had to choose a verbs from the list and I chose Gallop.
Please comment!

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