Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Family came to NZ story!

This my family came to NZ story!Enjoy reading it to. It is part if the challenge tree homework.

My mum and dad were in India with my sister she was born in 1999 she was only little. When suddenly I was about to get born. So my mum had to leave my sister at India because she didn't have a passport.Mum and dad had reached NZ It was really sad. She had to live with grandma. I was born in 2002 July the 11. Then two years later my brothers were born. I still have the toy I had when I was just born. My mum and dad are still sad of leaving my sister in India and I realized I had a sister when I was 7.( My mum and dad wanted me to live in New Zealand so I can have a better life).


  1. I feal so sorry for your sister:(

    1. I know:-(
      Thanks for commenting.
      You are really nice and by the way you spelled feel wrong:-)
      ( Mistakes happen)


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