Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Family came to NZ story!

This my family came to NZ story!Enjoy reading it to. It is part if the challenge tree homework.

My mum and dad were in India with my sister she was born in 1999 she was only little. When suddenly I was about to get born. So my mum had to leave my sister at India because she didn't have a passport.Mum and dad had reached NZ It was really sad. She had to live with grandma. I was born in 2002 July the 11. Then two years later my brothers were born. I still have the toy I had when I was just born. My mum and dad are still sad of leaving my sister in India and I realized I had a sister when I was 7.( My mum and dad wanted me to live in New Zealand so I can have a better life).

Friday, April 19, 2013

Camp Map!

Camp explorer!

This my camp that I have designed it is called CAMP EXPLORER! 
I have wrote my directions to find Mr M along with a map and some rules.
Please comment!

Outside rules!
1. There will be boundaries that you can go to if only you supervised by an adult.

2. A bungy jumping center will be held every Domesday and children over 6 years is allowed to go there.

3. You're allowed to go on the Burma trail alone but you have to ask a parent for permission first.

4. Everyday a treasure hunt will be held in coastal forest. There will be groups of 5 from a class.

5. Horse riding is just 1 meter away from the connected river and it will be free. You can call your horses names as you ride one.

6. Mountain climbing is near the coastal Island. Please be supervised by an adult ( just in case)

7. Camping is allowed to be held in the tent yard too. ( you don’t have to sleep in your cabins)

Inside rules!
1. Relax wherever you want except the dining hall

2. The plane will only fly you around the Island it won’t go anywhere else.
And make sure there is an adult with you to. ( 3 hours).

1. No running around in buildings.
2. Lake blue is shallow do not go there cause there is Fish with teeth.
3. When gear is used it must be kept in the gear shed
4. Running track will not be open on rainy day
5. People must have an adult to supervise them at anything which is not suitable for children.
6. Connected river is connected to a lake and a waterfall the lake is safe please do not go on the waterfall side.

Starting point by: the magic river G9
Find Mr M: ( Tent Yard) C4.


  • Walk east 20 meters ( airport) H8

  • Turn north 20 metes across the yard of the Burma trail G7

  • Walk east 20 meters facing the gear keeper E5

  • Turn southeast standing towards the haunted cave of doom F4

  • Walk north 20 meters and west 10 meters standing amongst  the grassland D6
  • Turn north 10 half meters and cross the connected river

  • Walk north 10 half meters east and you're there
          We found Mr M!

Reflection interview

Hemani and Ellis go animate video by ellis52bz on GoAnimate

Animated Presentations - Powered by Go Animate. Hemani and Ellis go animate video by ellis52bz on Go Animate

Ellis and I were making a reflection video based on term 1. We were asking each other questions of how their term has been so far. We had made a go animate video with it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My reflection on the walkathon!


Reflections for Walkathon

Today we had our walkathon to practice our walks that we are going to have on camp.

Something I enjoyed was having a walk out of school and it was the longest walk I have ever had. 6 km. I had a great team which were keeping up with each other and helping them on the way too.

Something I was not pleased with was how exhausting the walk was, My thighs started hurting on the second lap.

Something I learnt was to stick together with the group that you have and make sure you have the proper gear for a walk too.

The time my group finished was 1 hour and 15 minutes!
Our group was named the Titans!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Pania of the Reef

The legend of Pania

Pania of the reef was a beautiful woman who swam in the seas of Hawkes bay.
When sunset appears she would wash up on the beach in Napier.
She would  sleep behind bushes made out of flax and spend her whole night sleeping there.There was a man called Karitoki who was strong as wrestlers and he was a son of the Maori chief. One day Karitoki came to the Hawkes bay beach. Pania was spying on him behind the Flax bushes.

Suddenly she quietly said a spell. That spell made her faint and Karitoki saw her come out of her hiding place. As Pania woke up she saw the same man right in front of her that’s she was spying on.
They fell in love without anyone knowing and do you know what they married too, secretly.
Karitoki tried to tell his friends that he had met a beautiful women but they didn't believe him because they haven’t met her.

Pania is not allowed to swallow cooked or else she is not allowed to go back to sea. Last night as Pania slept Karitoki slipped cooked food into her mouth. The next day Pania left the whare
( house )  and rushed out to sea. Her villagers came out to look for her. Karitoki was swimming about in the sea trying to look for her. But he never found her. Pania had become a stone statue underwater because of the cooked food she had eaten.
More More which is Pania and Karitoki’s son is the guardian of the sea now.

If you go to Napier and have a walk in this nearby park you will see the statue of Pania with details of her written on a stone plate beneath her statue.

Here is a Tagxedo using key words from
the story Pania of the Reef.
Please comment!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Our math building created by me and Tracey

From the top
From the side
This is a tower that me and Tracey made maths.
We had to create a solid tower out of 36 colorful blocks.
For the area we had 4 centimeters Squared 2 ( 2x2)
For perimeter we had 8 centimeters ( 2x2=4x2)
For the volume we had 36 centimeters cubed 3(9x2x2) ( because the height is 9)

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

My London bridge poster.

This is my London bridge poster I made for my reading task.
We had to select a bridge from the top ten most amazing bridges book.
I did mine on paper.
Hope you enjoy,please comment.
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