Thursday, March 28, 2013

My first music toy

The first music toy BY HEMANI MALL

I have always been a helper.

When I was the age of 2

My mum and dad use to drop me off at

a pakeha lady's house

She was taking care of me while our

mum and dad were gone

to work.

Her smile just spreads around

her face as she looks at me.
She would help me at everything
like a teacher.

It was the last time my mum and
dad dropped me off at her house.
Because I helped her alot I earned a new toy.
It’s face was the color of milk
It’s cheeks were rosy.

When we got home I unwrapped it.
There was a orange button stuck on it’s cheek.
It was the shape of a music note.

I pressed it.
Surprisingly it started to sing tunes
of all these different type
of songs and poems for kids.

There was a spinning disc on it’s forehead.
And when you spin it it will
sing a tune just like
the orange music note button.
I love that toy
and I still have it. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

my self portrait

This is my face art.
The main point was to make our hair out of our name.
My colors were dark blue,light green,dark pink and yellow.
I dyed the background blue.
and sketched the details which are on my face.
Please comment! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

My connection poster

I spent lot of time doing my connection but I think I did well.
Please comment.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Day our car came to life story

THE DAY A CAR CAME TO LIFE! I was walking by a heap of rubbish which is called the dump. It smelt like my brothers stinky socks going in the washing. When suddenly I spotted an old and rusty car in the distance where the dump is. I went to have a look at it. I open the cars door. The seats were treated as if someone had broke into it and had stolen something. One minute later something very strange and very magical happened. The car started to speak it was speaking something unusual. It’s voice was all cranky. It started to cough I thought it’s voice was cranky because his engine was filled with dust and sand. It started to speak again the car said Please take me home with you I’m very poor. I stared at him for a while and shouted excitedly OF COURSE! I was so excited I nearly fell on the garbage below me.

 Ah  I groaned again and again as I tried to push it home with me. It was too difficult. Hmm I said to myself. I've got a fantastic idea. Do you have a key to you? I asked the car. Yes it rusted. It’s by my third wheel. I had found it. Lets roll I shouted. It derived so slow It could barley move. Lets get you all clean and flash. When we got home I spinned the tap to turn the hose on. Screech went the sandpaper as I scraped the rust of. You are so clean as new now. Let me spray paint you. The car looked in the mirror to see his self he was glad and proud of me. I spray painted him dark blue and magenta. It looked flash and awesome. with hot color fire flames over it. Phew I said exhausted wiping my sweat of my forehead. That was some work I called some work. Suddenly as I looked at him I thought of a brilliant name.

I named him Midnight. He looked so pastely and arty. I told him that sleep in the garage over there so the rain won’t go on you or else your paint will come of. By tomorrow you'll be fine. I took a last look at him and said Good night. He was jumping around in the morning and that woke me up. I grabbed the pillow and covered my ears. But his jumping and bouncing was so loud I had to get out of bed. Can you please stop bouncing around midnight I yawned this has to be our secret and nobody is allowed to know because other cars cars like you don’t talk so quit bouncing around let me get dressed and we will have a ride.

Midnight got so bored he called out my name so loud that my neighbor peered out of the window to see what all the racket was. Midnight stood still to let him know that he is just a normal car. I smelt the fresh air as I took a step outside the door. I walked to midnight sat in the seat and waved my neighbor goodbye. He stared and wondered why I was not steering and there was nobody else in the car doing it for him. He just wandered back inside and said I must be imagining things. We took a brilliant drive. Me and Midnight were best friends forever:)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coat Of Arms

      This is my coat of arms
The first part shows my favorite planet, Saturn.
The second part shows my favorite sport, Netball
The third part shows the country that I was born and live in New 
The last part shows my family names in the rainbow.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Hemani and Nick

Top house and Item ( reflection)

Top house

 The activities were great fun and helping kea win was even better at first I didn't know we were going to win but we did with excellent teamwork

 ITEM 22/02/13
Our item was great and laughter for the crowed. My favorite part was the Harlem shake.

Friday, March 01, 2013

It's a Slam Dunk for Eddie (summarize)

Eddie is an otter (a cute one) Now Eddie is 15 he is going to turn 16 this year he is very old Jenny is a otter area leader she taught Eddie how to play basketball. Whenever Eddie misses he tries and tries again and again until he makes another goal. I can tell that Eddie is a great swimmer and loves the water. Eddie live in the Oregon zoo Eddie was not really using his elbows much so Jenny taught him to play basketball. Eddie learned how to play basketball simply and quickly. He was a rescued sea otter. There a picture of him in the video that he was stuck in the snow. People taught him how to play basketball when he was young and Eddie absolutely loved that game so much he got better and better. Here is a link to the article.

Perimeter and area of our table

This is my working out of the perimeter and area.
We had to work out the edge of the table which is the perimeter.
The perimeter around our table was 404cm by adding the edges all together.
The area of our table was 10472cm squared.
Area is an inside of an shape or object perimeter is an outside of an shape or object.

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